No, actually you have heard about these five places. While in the West we all are burning with desire to stand out from others and seek originality, China’s copy culture is flourishing. Here, the ability to produce high-quality duplicate is considered as an art form. So, smart Orientals “borrow” ideas not only from the famous clothing designers and manufacturers of equipment but also from the world-famous architectural monuments in other continents. So today we present five countries whose fragments can be found in this Asian giant and presumably places you haven’t imagine to be found in China.

Chinese-made Stonehenge

Tower Bridge is one of London’s pride and must-visit places. However, China can be proud of their indeed professional and high-quality copy of the same bridge. To be fair, this bridge can’t be lifted and if you exam it right, you will notice that there are twice as much as towers than in the original. In Shanghai, you can stop by at Thames town where the churches, the monument to Winston Churchill and red telephone booths are standing. It seems like the only things missing are red busses.


The English still can’t figure out how Stonehenge was built. While versions are ranging from the gods to the aliens, the Chinese have proved that such monument can be produced by people too. This copy stands in the background of Hefei city skyscrapers and is just a little bit smaller than the original.

French celebrities in rice fields and factory

Imagine that in one day you can visit the Taj Mahal in India and the Egyptian pyramids. Amazingly, it is all possible if you visit Shenzhen city and there located “Window to the world” park, which is home to around 130 copies of various famous buildings from all around the globe. The most notable celebrity here is the Eiffel Tower which is around twice as small as the real one in Paris. Such copies in China are pretty standard – one can be found in the so-called Little Paris Tianducheng city which is surrounded by rice fields.


One huge fan of French culture even made his factory look like the famous Palace of Versailles. This was unexpected knowing how minimalistic Chinese are, but the gold-coated walls do not leave anyone indifferent, not even the biggest sceptics.

Shopping in Coliseum

Delighted by Italy, Chinese decided to gather all of the country’s architectural wonders in one place. Thus instead of rice fields, in one village Florence sprang up. The channels furrowed town looks exactly like Venice and the narrow winding streets first recall of Rome. While Coliseums here is not for gladiators to fights, but for discount shoppers – it is a huge supermarket.


Although Chinese have their inclined tower in Shanghais, architects could not resist the temptation to copy this Italian celebrity too. So this Pisa tower twin is also significantly tilted to the side, and in addition to all of this, nearby this tower an annual Italian cultural festival is hosted too.

The White House turned into the hotel

American culture in China brought not only fast-food restaurants but also gave ideas for architecture. While the Statue of Liberty we firstly associate with the United States, a woman holding a torch can be found in the largest park of copies in this Asian country too. In China you can also find two duplicates of the Capitol, serving as administrative buildings.


The White House is often found in various Chinese cities because this government building usually is used as a residence for mayors and their assistants. Moreover, in one “white houses” you can even find an established hotel – so if you are looking to book hotels in China, remember this one too!

Alpine mountains in China

Rich Chinese nature is perfect to set up a few little pieces of the whole world. It is therefore not surprising that here we can find Austrian town’s of Hallstatt copy settled nearby the mountains which are looking like a real Alps. This duplicate was introduced to the world only in 2012, so it still attracts many visitors. Colourful houses, small balconies, and cute street create a feeling that you are walking in Central Europe. The only thing that recalls China is hieroglyphs on signs.


Chinese accurately reproduced standing monuments, fountains, and churches, so the only missing thing here are the old salt mines, which can be found only in this famous Austrian city.

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