At first, Australian culture may seem similar to what you are used to back home. But as you travel around Australia, you’ll learn more and more about this fantastic country and start to see the subtle differences and quirks of Australian culture. Lifestyle in Australia has been heavily influenced by its unique geography, warm climate, and the Australian “have a go” attitude.  Some of the most cultural experiences in Australia are the ones that you may never encounter back home. Here is my selection of top 5 truly Australian experiences to seek out on your trip to the Land Down Under.

1. Celebrate Christmas on the Beach

Christmas in Australia falls smack in the middle of summer and celebrating Christmas on the beach is one of the most quintessential Australian traditions. So grab a mate, a santa hat, an esky with some beverages, and head to the nearest beach to join hundreds and thousands of traveles and locals in the celebrations. If you happen to be in Sydney, Christmas on Bondi Beach is the best Christmas on the beach experience you can find in Australia, but really, any beach will do!

Australian Culture Experience #1: Christmas on the beach, Australia

Christmas tree on Bondi Beach, Australia. Photo credit:

2. Attend a Cricket Match.

Cricket is often known as Australian National Sport, as it generates interest in all parts of the country. The Ashes Test matches that last 4-5 days, draw in a large percentage of viewers both at home and in the stands. It is not uncommon for loyal cricket fans to spend 3- 4 days glued to the TV cheering on Australia. An alternative to a 4-5 day or even an all day cricket match are the domestic Australian Twenty20 cricket matches.

For tickets, prices and fixture dates visit Cricket Australia Website

Australian Culture Experiences #2: Cricket match, Australia

Cricket match, Australia Photo Credit:

3. Join Thousands of other at an AFL Match

Australian Rules Football, a.k.a. Aussie Rules orAFL is Australia’s most highly attended spectator sport and a professional football league across the country. AFL season starts in mid March and concludes in late September with an AFL Grand Final game. For tickets and fixture dates visit The Official Website of AFL

Australian culture experience #3: AFL-match-at-the-MCG

AFL Match in Melbourne. Photo credit:

4. Go Camping

Camping is one of the most popular weekend activities for Australians across the country. Join the locals and spend a few days in camping at one of Australia’s many National Parks. There will be plenty of locals to meet at the campsites!

Australian culture experiences #4: Camping in Australia

Camping in Australia. Photo credit:

5. Spend your Sunday at the Barefoot Bowls

Kick off your shoes and head to one of Australia’s bowling clubs for a Sunday session of beers and Barefoot Bowls. While you may associate lawn bowling with an activity suitable only for those 65+, in Australia barefoot bowling is just as popular with the 20s crowd. Roll a ball down, have a drink, have a snack and have a great day with your friends and a whole heap of locals – too easy.

Australian Culture Experience #5: Barefoot Bowls

Barefoot Bowling Competition at Hills Club in New South Wales. Photo credit:

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You wont be able to find these Australian culture experiences back home! Here are top 5 Australian experiences worth adding to your Australia itinerary.

Are there other Australian experiences that you would add to the list? Share them with other travelers by leaving a comment below.