Best Budget Accommodations in Brooklyn

Savvy travelers know that if you want to save money on your trip to New York City, finding cheap accommodation is the best way to cut costs. If you are traveling on a budget, forget trying to find a cheap hotel in Manhattan and choose to stay in Brooklyn instead.

For decades, Brooklyn was considered just another NYC suburb where rent was cheap, but attractions were minimal. Staying in Brooklyn is no longer a sacrifice. Curious travelers are losing interest in Manhattan’s iconic city centre, and shifting their focus to Brooklyn’s thriving scene of arts, food, and entertainment.

New York’s foodies are slowly but surely making their way over the bridge to explore the up and coming restaurants in Williamsburg. The shopaholics are being drawn to Brooklyn’s artisan goods-makers and new fashion start-ups, while the sports enthusiasts are choosing the Nets over the Knicks at the brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The argument holds, but the question remains. Where does one find cheap accommodation in NYC’s up and coming suburb?

Top Budget Accommodation Options in Brooklyn

Hostels in Brooklyn

The ultimate cheap accommodation option for young travelers is still shared dorms in hostels, which are easy to find in Brooklyn. Scattered all over Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, hostels provide a variety of perks, like being located near a direct train line into Manhattan, or within walking distance from some of Brooklyn’s famous attractions, or smack in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s vibrant up-and-coming entertainment area. The Missing Lantern Guest House, the New York Loft Hostel and B Hotel & Hostel are some of the best budget options in Brooklyn, offering two, four, and six person dorm rooms starting at $60 per person per night.

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Budget Hotels in Brooklyn

Hotels in Brooklyn start at just $130 per night and often offer the same great amenities as hotels in Manhattan. Hotel BPM, the only 4-star hotel in Sunset Park, is close to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and is just two subway stops from Barclays Center and downtown Manhattan. Hotel Le Bleu is an ultra-modern 48-room hotel nestled in the Park Slope neighborhood that offers its guests fine bed linens and high-tech features like Bose surround sound, all for under $200 a night. Pointe Plaza Hotel is another Brooklyn visitors favorite, offering beautiful furnishings and lots of space, along with quick access to museums, parks, shopping, and great restaurants.

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Airbnb in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is jam-packed with affordable Airbnb options. I would even go as far as to say that Airbnb is the cheapest accommodation option of them all. With rooms starting as low as just $50 per night, there is no better way to save on accommodation while living like a local in Brooklyn’s hip neighborhoods. There are over 1,000 Airbnb properties in Brooklyn, with something available in every neighborhood, like this beautiful large sunny unit in the heart of Greenpoint that sleeps up to 4 people for just $200 per night.

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When it comes to finding the best accommodation deals in Brooklyn, it is a balance of low price, good location, and easy access to main attractions. Something always has to give, so decide what matters most to you before you book. At the end of the day, when you are visiting a city as exciting and vibrant as Brooklyn, spending too much time cooped up in your hotel room may not be at the top of your to-do list.

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