Welcome back to the Cultural Close-up Series. After a few weeks off, this popular weekend series on Drink Tea and Travel is back with a bizarre Cultural Close-up from Thailand!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about Thailand, you’ll know how much I love the beautiful beaches and delicious food in Thailand! But, of course, there is lots more to this country than that, including these 22 bizarre facts that I bet you didn’t know about Thailand before.

Thanks to my informative friends at Secure Thoughts, this crazy infographic below will help you learn a bit more about this beautiful place.

22 Bizarre Things about Thailand


Cultural Close-ups is a series of photographs and stories from around the world that go beyond the pretty sights and famous attractions. If you’d like to contribute a photo and a short story to Cultural Close-Ups, please email your submission to [email protected]

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22 bizarre facts you didn't know about Thailand.

What’s your favourite bizarre Thailand fact?