“Do cats in your country have tails?” asked Indah, our guide at the Wonosara Tea plantation. 

She seemed stumped by our inquiry about why cats in Indonesia have stubby tails. The question has been bugging us since Day 1.

Making friends with a stubby ailed cat ont he street in Jakarta, Indonesia

Making friends with a stubby-tailed cat on the street in Jakarta

Stray cats were everywhere in Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and other cities in Java. At first we thought they victims of accidents, run over by scooters that fill the streets. But after seeing dozens of cats with stubby tails the theory seemed and less plausible. 

“Sometimes Indonesian housewives cut the tail of stray cats so they don’t come back to their house”, Indah said after a few minutes. 

I didn’t want to believe it. 

A few more conversations with locals and some further online research eased my worries. Turns out, stubbed tail cats are an actual breed of cats that are common not just in Indonesia but also in Malaysia and other countries in SEA.  

Stray cat enjoying the warm sun rays n Taman Fatahilah, Old Jakarta

Not all stray cats in Indonesia have stubby tails

So while it may be true that some cats lose their tails thanks to the angry Indonesian housewives, some may in fact lose it as a result of an accident, like being run over by a scooter or the like, it sounds like the majority are simply born this way.


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Why Indonesian Cats Have Stubby Tails?

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