Colombia was recently named the happiest country in the world yet again, and it’s no wonder why. Between the wonderful weather, spectacular views and the excellent coffee, how could the country get any better? Without a doubt, it’s through your stomach.

Since we haven’t experienced Colombia ourselves yet, we asked our friends at FlightHub for their list of the best of Colombia’s must-eats to get us excited. Here is their advice for all traveling foodies around the world. Get your ciclovías ready to work off your eating adventure and make your way to Colombia!

Bandeja Paisa

First top on FlightHub’s foodie adventure to Colombia is to try one of their national dishes, Bandeja Paisa. Sometimes referred to as Bandeja de Arriero or Bandeja Montañera. This national plate can typically be found in any Colombian home or restaurant. A hybrid dish originating from the indigenous cultures and Spanish colonizers, it originates in the Paisa region of Colombia. Served on an oval tray, this meal is large and in charge. Stuff your face with Rice, ground beef, chorizo, frijoles, chicharrón, fried egg, patacó, avocado and an arepa. Did you get all that?

Bandeja Paisa. Colombia food.

Bandeja Paisa

Tamal with Chocolate

Get your sweet tooth shined up and ready to go with one of FlightHub’s (and Colombia’s) favourite desserts: Tamal with Chocolate. With a base of cooked yellow corn dough, feast yourself on the delicious dessert drizzled with chocolate. Though Tamals can be eaten in a variety of different ways, FlightHub suggests adding this not-so-small dessert to the end of your meal, letting you feel full and sleepy for all that warm chocolate!

Tamal con chocolate. Colombian food.

Tamal con chocolate. Colombian food. Photo via


Feeling for an aperitif after your meal? FlightHub suggests you bring a round of shots of Aguardiente for the table (or yourself, no one’s judging). Derived from sugarcane, this anise-flavored liqueur is popular in the Andean region, but enjoyed everywhere in Colombia. With an alcohol level between 24%-29%, there’s little mystery as to why this drink has been the most popular in the Andean region since the Spanish era. FlightHub doesn’t recommend mixing this into a cocktail, rather take the drink neat and every Colombian will welcome you like a local.

Aguardiente. Colombia food

Aguardiente. Photo via


FlightHub suggests getting your midnight, midday or midmorning snack on with the one and only, Arepas. Whether it’s a stand-alone dish or served in accompaniment with another dish, Arepas are a very common food eaten and served around the country. Made from corn flour, you can make sandwiches of all kinds, or use it as a vehicle to scoop up any remaining sauce from your plate (but not with your hands! Colombian etiquette dictates food should be eaten with utensils only)!

Arepas con Chorizo. Colombian food.

Arepas con Chorizo. Photo by William Neuheisel via Flickr CC

We don’t know about you, but we love the sound of these culinary delights and have already added them to our list of deliciousness to try while in Colombia.

This post was brought to you by our friends at FlightHub, but opinions are as always our own.

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FlightHub’s Top 4 Things You Need to Eat While in Colombia

Have you ever been to Colombia? We’d love to hear some of your favourite must-eat Colombian dishes to add to our list. Share them in the comments section below!