There are lots of countries around the world where drinking tea is at the heart of the travel experience. Countries like Turkey, Morocco, China, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, and even Myanmar offer tea lovers an opportunity to start their days with a cup of locally brewed tea and to explore the unique tea flavours of the regions.

Moroccan food: Moroccan mint tea and pastry

Moroccan mint tea and pastry in Tangier, Morocco

Mie goreng with iced tea. Indonesian food

Jasmine Iced Tea in Java, Indonesia

But for every country with an existing tea culture, there are just as many places in the world that just don’t drink tea at all. And for tea lovers like us, that can be tough. Over the last few years of travel we’ve struggled with the challenge of finding good tea abroad.

It all started in 2014, when a visit to a tea plantation in Sri Lanka (where the idea for this blog was actually conceived) allowed us to learn about the different kinds of tea and experience our first tea tasting.

Packing tips: Pack tea bags

I became obsessed with Ceylon Tea, refusing to drink anything else but Ceylon Black Tea for the next few months. Later that year, a trip to India helped us discover Chai Tea (one of Max’s favourites), along with Assam and Darjeeling tea varieties. Then there was green tea in China, Jasmine Green Tea in Indonesia and most recently, Mint Tea in Morocco, and Matcha Tea from Japan.

Learning about tea at the tea plantation outside of Solo, Java. Indonesia

Learning about tea at the tea plantation outside of Solo, Java. Indonesia

Oksana with tea producer in Marrakech. Morocco

Learning all about Moroccan tea from a tea shop owner in Marrakech

Our tea tastes have expanded and become more and more …ahem… sophisticated (some may go as far as to call me a tea snob) and no name tea from random supermarkets around the world just stopped tasting good.

The struggle was real. Good quality tea straight from the source was hard to find. 

We turned to the web in search for a great tea supplier that offers a selection of authentic teas without artificial colours, flavours, and other additives and finally found Tea Guys, a small tea shop out of Massachusetts that has been crafting small batch whole leaf loose teas since 2002.

We loved their tea selection, their simple packaging, reasonable pricing and the fact that their teas contain only natural ingredients. 

Our collection of Tea Guys tea at the house in Costa Rica

Our collection of Tea Guys tea at the house in Costa Rica

We’ve been enjoying Tea Guys’ tea since the beginning of this year. Their classic loose leaf teas like Ceylon, Darjeeling, Jasmine Green Tea, and Gunpowder Green Tea, are our favourites, but we also love some of their more unique flavours like Lychee Black Tea, Matcha Green Tea and Strawberries, Kiwi, and Apple Iced Tea.

For the last few months we’ve been traveling with their loose leaf teas, carefully sealed in little ziplock bags, but just a few months ago we discovered that all of their loose teas can also be ordered in triangle tea bags, which are absolutely ideal for travel!


The bags are small and really light. Each 25 tea bag pack weighs just over 100g and takes up as much room as a pair of rolled up socks, making them easy to store and transport even for those traveling long term. We usually carry a few varieties of tea with us, including tea bags as well as loose leaf varieties.

After a few month of drinking Tea Guys tea, we became instant fans. And since we love sharing our best finds and tips with you guys, we decided to partner up with Tea Guys to give you a chance to try their teas for less.

You can browse their selection of teas at (they ship anywhere within the continental United States) or if you happen to live in the area, visit their flagship store in Whately, Massachusetts. Hope you love their tea as much as we do! 

When shopping online, use our promo code DTT2016TEA at checkout and get 10% off your first Tea Guys tea purchase! 


Want to enjoy great tea on the road? You’ll need a few more accessories to complete your perfect “tea to go kit”!


The only water bottle/tea to go bottle you’ll ever need on the road.  Keeps your iced tea cold for up to 24 hours and your hot tea hot for up to 6 hours.


Hydro Flask

Asking for hot water in hotels, B&Bs, and hostels can be a pain, so we now carry this portable water boiler that allows us to boil hot water within minutes.


Water Boiler

Loose tea is easier to transport than tea bags, so if you are planning a longer trip opt to carry some loose tea along with your tea bags. You’ll need one of these to steep your tea on the go.


Tea Infuser

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you in partnership with Tea Guys. This post contains affiliate links which means that we receive a small commission on your purchases at no additional cost to you. 

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