1. Tangier

Located just a skip and a hop away from Spain, Tangier is a destination popular with European visitors. Tangier’s compact medina makes it a perfect place to ease yourself into the hustle and bustle of Morocco. Somewhat rough around the edges, Tangier has historically attracted numerous artists, musicians, and writers. Today the city offers a handful of attractions, including the beachfront promenade, the Kasbah, the souks, and a few noteworthy eating/drinking establishments, like Cafe El-Hafa that offer great views of the sea front.

Cafe Tanger, Tangier, Morocco

Cafe Tanger, Tangier, Morocco

Stay for: 1-2 days

Don’t miss: Cafe Tanger, order a mint tea and watch day to day life of Tangier’s locals unfold right in front of your eyes.

2. Chefchaouen

If there is one city you can’t skip in Morocco, it’s Chefchaouen. Famous for its vibrant blue coloured buildings, Chefchaouen often graces the pages of travel magazines flaunting the title of Morocco’s “best kept secret”. The town is small and it’s intoxicatingly charming. The medina is full of cats, shops, cute restaurants, boutique hotels, and open air terraces offering panoramic views of the town.

Stay for: 3-4 days

Don’t miss: a chance to explore the town in early morning before the tourist crowds fill the narrow alleyways of the medina

3. Fes

At first, Fes, the former capital of Morocco and one of the oldest medieval cities in the world, may feel like an assault on the senses. Fes is much bigger than Tangier and Chefchaouen, it’s dirtier, and the touts here are much more aggressive. But once you get your bearings inside the labyrinthine medina, you are sure to come across some great cafes, unique shops, fascinating individuals, and adorable felines.

Stay for: 2-3 days

Don’t miss: a visit to the tanneries, colourful leather-dying pits that still utilise leather-making techniques unchanged since the Middle Ages.

4. Merzouga

Merzouga is a jumping off point for tours into the Sahara Desert. In our opinion, a visit to Morocco is not complete without a night under the stars in the desert. Tours to the desert range from 1-4 nights in length and include all meals and overnight accommodation in desert camps or in nomad families’ homes. Tours booked at a number of hotels in town as well as online.

Stay for: 2-3 days

Don’t miss: a chance to spend some time at the real life oasis in the Sahara desert. Some tours stop at the oasis, but others don’t so do your research before you go.

5. Ouarzazate

In the past, the small town of Ouarzazate acted as a crossroad for African traders seeking to reach northern cities in Morocco and Europe, but today it offers very little to the average visitor. It’s small and it’s rather uneventful, but what you want to see here is not actually in town, but around it. The most impressive sight outside of Ouarzazate is kasbah Aït-Benhaddou, a picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for serving as a backdrop to famous movies like the Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, and most recently Game of Thrones.

Morocco Ouarzazate-1370

Stay for: < 1 day

Don’t miss: the view of Aït Benhaddou from afar by climbing to the top of the hill outside the city

6. Essaouira

This medieval town located on the Atlantic coast is, in our opinion, one of Morocco’s greatest destinations. A popular beach town for locals and visitors alike, Essaouira has gained even more interest from visitors after being used as one of the locations for the Game of Thrones Episodes back in Season 3. Essaouira is a place where you can linger for a bit longer, spending days on the beach, roaming around the medina, or just enjoying the history and medieval feel of the town.

Stay for: 3-4 days

Don’t miss: early mornings along the fortified walls. Get there before the crowds and enjoy the sounds of the waves smashing against the fortress and the lonely cries of seagulls permeated through air.

7. Imlil

Imlil is a village located in the heart of the Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. The village of Imlil doesn’t have a medina, and it isn’t buzzing with action, but it’s an excellent jumping off point for treks into the High Atlas Mountains and for climbing Mt. Toubkal the highest mountain in North Africa. The treks range from just a few hours to a few days, offering you an opportunity to explore the untouched nature of the High Atlas region and visit some of the tiny villages dotted along the mountain range. Book your treks at your accommodation or at the Imlil Bureau des Guides in the centre of the village.

Morocco Imlil Atlas Mountains-1684

Stay for: 1-2 days

Don’t miss: a chance to try Imlil’s apples. The locals say they are the best in all of Morocco.

8. Marrakech

The smells and sounds of Marrakech are unlike any other city in Morocco. Its medina is unforgiving, it’s souks seem never-ending, and its narrow passageways seem to be a magnet for disoriented tourists. You can dedicate an entire day to shopping in the souks, another to admiring the historical and architectural sites outside the medina, and another 2-3 to relaxing in one of Marrakesh’s beautiful riads (traditional Moroccan house) and getting pampered in private (or public) hammams.

Stay for: 2-4 days (if you can handle it)

Don’t miss: the shops in the medina selling loose leaf Berber Whiskey (aka Moroccan tea) by the pound.

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