Life’s been pretty uneventful for us since I broke my leg while surfing in Costa Rica and cabin fever has slowly started to set in. We were hoping to spend March exploring Costa Rica, and April in Peru, but the accident forced us to cancel all of our travel plans and spend the last 6 weeks in bed (Well, I spent it in bed while Max patiently catered for all of my needs).

Max and Oksana heading out for a surf. Playa Avellanas. Costa Rica

Before this unlucky day, we were really looking forward to spending a month in Costa Rica!

My recovery is going really well (I’m already putting some weight on my foot and doing lots of exercises to strengthen my leg muscles), but it’ll be another 4-6 weeks before I can walk on my own again.  The idea of spending another month doing nothing did not sound appealing at all, so we started thinking outside the box.

What adventures can we go on while I was still on crutches? We looked into all-inclusive resorts (so not us!)  and cruises (I’m still not sold on cruising after my first cruise to the Bahamas last year) before Max had a brilliant idea.

“Let’s go on a road trip!”

My eyes lit up. We loved road tripping around Australia in a campervan and always knew that one day we’d love to explore the US in a similar way.

Enjoying time on Cable Beach in Western Australia during one of our campervan adventures in Australia

Enjoying time on Cable Beach during one of our campervan adventures in Australia

“Tell me more…”, I said with anticipation. Could this be the perfect solution to our immobility problem?

His plan was brilliant. We would rent a campervan (or an RV as they call them on this side of the world), equipped with all the comforts of a home, and travel across the US, checking out cities and sights along the way. 

It didn’t take us long to find the perfect route and the plan was set in place.

We took advantage of an amazing Factory Delivery Special through Cruise America and got ourselves a brand new 7-person RV that we’ll be driving from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Cruise America C30 RV

This will be our home on wheels! Photo via Cruise America

We set off on our big adventure on April 15th and will be spending 2 weeks driving through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona and ending our trip in Los Angeles, California. Yes, I won’t be able to hike in the national parks, we won’t be able to walk around the cities, but we will undoubtedly enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way!

Our US Road Trip: Chicago to Los Angeles

Our US Road Trip: Chicago to Los Angeles

We’ll drive through some of USA’s most scenic drives, including Loess Hills Trail in Iowa, Pike’s Peak in Colorado, and Highway 179 in Arizona, to name just a few!

Views from Pike's Peak Highway. Photo by Jennifer Boyer via Flickr CC

Views from Pike’s Peak Highway. Photo by Jennifer Boyer via Flickr CC

Our home on wheels is MASSIVE, but we didn’t mind the size, since it gives us lots of room to cook, sleep, eat, and work on the road. Plus, it has a bathroom and hot water shower inside!

Oh, and did I mention that it’s only costing us $39/night?

Floorplan: Cruise America C30 Large RV

Layout of our awesome brand new Cruise America RV

We are spending the next 10 days tying up loose ends in Costa Rica and gearing up for our trip! We are so excited that our next adventure is just around the corner! 

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My broken leg injury makes it difficult for us to leave the house, so we found a way to continue to travel without needing to go far away from our "house".


Have you ever traveled through any of these states before? We’d love to hear your tips, so we can make the most of our upcoming adventure!