There is no denying it, Eastern Europe is one of the hottest regions in the world right now and Romania is undoubtedly leading the way. Lonely Planet named Romania’s Transylvania – the best region to visit in 2016, Romania’s visitor numbers are growing double digits, and the internet seems to be buzzing with articles about visiting Romania NOW!

Perhaps you are already thinking of a trip to Romania, planning to add it to your travel list for next summer. You know that you’ll be greeted with perfect weather, great hiking conditions, and tons of festivals and events taking place all throughout the country. 

While this all sounds lovely, you might want to reconsider your plans. We think that by traveling to Romania in the summer you’ll be missing out one of Romania’s most beautiful attractions – fall colours.

Max & Oksana in Maramures. Romania

Loving the colours!

After traveling to Romania last October, we are now convinced that there is no better time to visit this beautiful country than in the fall. Not only will you find Romania’s popular cities to be less crowded and accommodation to be more affordable, but you are bound to be absolutely taken aback by the vibrant scenery all across the country. 

From the virgin forests in Maramures…


Carpet of fallen leaves. Maramures. Romania



…to pastures in Transilvania…





…and a kaleidoscope of colours along the Transfagarasan.

Transfaragasan Highway. Best roadtrip in Romania



But it’s not just the countryside that is covered in a blanket of colour…

Entrance to the Sighisoara Cemetery, Romania


From Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca and beyond, the cities are filled with warmth and radiance…

Dorobanti neighbourhood. Bucharest. Romania

Romania Bucharest-1965

…and are an absolute pleasure to explore!

Fall on Lake Herăstrău. Bucharest. Romania

Fall on Lake Herăstrău, Bucharest

Park Herăstrău (Parcul Herăstrău) in the fall. Bucharest. Romania

Park Herăstrău (Parcul Herăstrău), Bucharest

Park Herăstrău (Parcul Herăstrău) in the fall. Bucharest. RomaniaPark Herăstrău (Parcul Herăstrău) in the fall. Bucharest. Romania

Don’t let the fear of slightly lower temperatures scare you from visiting Romania in the fall. Shoulder season, particularly the months of September and October are truly the most beautiful time of the year!

Do you like traveling in the shoulder season?

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After traveling through Romania last fall, we are convinced that fall in the best time to visit Romania!