It is not often that we write about hotel experiences. We typically spend our time being out and about exploring the destinations we visit, treating the hotels as mere places to rest our heads at night. But this wasn’t the case with Costa Verde Hotel.

Costa Verde has been on our list of “cool places to visit in Costa Rica” for a long time. The hotel caught our attention back in 2014, when in preparation for my first visit to Costa Rica (our first visit together) we came across a photo of its 727 Fuselage Home, a refurbished Airplane hotel room that sat perched up amidst the jungle setting. It was definitely the most unique accommodation we have ever seen, and one that quickly sparked our curiosity.

It took us 2 years to finally make our way to Costa Verde Hotel, but when we did, we quickly realised that the 727 Fuselage Home was just a small part of what makes this hotel a destination worth visiting in Costa Rica.

Costa Verde Hotel dates back to 1990s, when the town of Manuel Antonio was just starting to pop up on travelers radars. Today, 25 years later, it’s a real institution in town. The hotel grounds span more than 20-acres, running the length of 1km along the main road to Manuel Antonio National Park.

View from Hotel Costa Verde. Overlooking Manuel Antonio National Park

View from Hotel Costa Verde. Overlooking Manuel Antonio National Park

The hotel seems to perfectly blend in with the surroundings, making it feel like you really are staying in the jungle. Costa Verde features 75 different rooms divided into six different sections, each one separated from the other by thick vegetation. There are your usual hotel rooms (located in Costa Verde II building), self-catered studio apartments (located in Costa Verde II and Building B), along with one 3-bedroom house (Casa Quinta), four 2-bedroom bungalows, and of course, the iconic 2-bedroom 727 Fuselage Home. Each home is unique in its own way and that’s one of the things that we love most about Costa Verde. You could literally visit Costa Verde every year and never stay in the same type of room twice.

Costa Rica Costa Verde-1581

View from our studio apartment in Costa Verde II in Costa Verde Hotel, Manuel Antonio

View from our studio apartment in Costa Verde II in Costa Verde Hotel, Manuel Antonio

We stayed in the Costa Verde II building, designed for couples and families with children 17 years or older. Our studio apartment had 2 double beds, a sitting area, a dining table, kitchenette, and a spacious balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the adult-only pool area. When exploring the property we discovered 2 other pools in different parts of the hotel grounds, so a pool is always close by regardless of where your room is located.

Walking around the grounds of the hotel we loved being immersed in the jungle. There were thousands of varieties of trees and plants, some labelled as if in a national park or conservations, and all meticulously cared for by gardening staff. We spotted white face capuchin monkeys jumping from tree to tree, a whole family of them feeling completely at ease in their surroundings.

Costa Rica Costa Verde-1713

But it wasn’t just the unique hotel layout and close proximity to Manuel Antonio National Park that impressed us about this unique destination. For us, the beauty of Costa Verde is all in the details and the elaborate process that goes into the continuous design and preservation of this special area. We loved the focus on recycling throughout the premises, the fact that rain water is used for laundry services, and that solar energy is used to heat up the water.

Costa Verde Hotel prides itself in going well beyond the efforts of the typical eco-resorts that are abundant across Costa Rica. From the traditional wooden bed frames, dining tables, to the quintessential Costa Rican rocking chairs, all furniture at Costa Verde is made in their own wood shop (which you can visit during your stay there) using the naturally downed trees from the region. All throughout the grounds, thousands of recycled bottles are used as lighting fixtures to add a unique design element to the already unique hotel rooms and restaurants on site. You’ll find art projects like these all throughout Costa Verde and more are already being dreamed up by the mastermind behind Costa Verde, Director of Costa Verde Hotel and Restaurant, Allan Templeton.

Costa Rica Costa Verde-9025

We had a pleasure of meeting Allan during our stay at Costa Verde. An American by birth, world traveler by heart, and a die hard Costa Rican by life experience, Allan shared incredible stories about his life in Costa Rica, his travels around the world, and tales of how Costa Verde came to be and how it continues to grow and evolve to this date. Hearing first hand the story of the inception of the 727 Fuselage Home, and the El Avion Restaurant, allowed us to see Costa Verde in a whole new light, to feel its unique story radiating through every corner of the property, and its old Costa Rican charm rooted in the soil.

Today, Costa Verde is not just a popular tourist destination (some visitors have been coming to Costa Verde for 10-15 years), but also a booming destination wedding location. Parts of the hotel, like the helipad in front of the Costa Verde II and the reception hall overlooking the jungle and the Pacific Ocean have been built specifically to provide a unique environment for wedding receptions. Ah, if only we’d visited Costa Verde back in 2014, the property may have become the location for our own wedding.

Costa Rica Costa Verde-9033

Needless to say, we loved our time in Costa Verde. And even though the original attraction, the 727 Fuselage Home was booked up for the time of our stay, we discovered so much more to revel in during our stay at the Costa Verde Hotel.

Big thanks to Allan and his team for hosting us at the Costa Verde II during our time in Manuel Antonio. As always opinions provided in this article are our own, no matter who is footing the bill.

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Costa Verde Hotel - a Destination Worth Visiting in Costa Rica